FA_096 Technology od linocut

Code: FA_096
Name: Technology od linocut
Department: Faculty of Architecture
Duration in hours: 30 lesson hours
Form of study: Full-time
Instruction language: Czech language
Mode of delivery: Studio
Mode of completion: Colloquium
Mode of completion detail: The course will end with a small closing exhibition.
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Jiří Kárník (jiri.karnik@fa.cvut.cz), Mgr. MgA. Radek Macke (mackerad@fa.cvut.cz)
Supervisor: Ing. arch. Ivan Vosecký (ivan.vosecky@fa.cvut.cz)
Minimum educational requirement: Bez vzdělání

The theme of the course is linoryte techniques. We familiarize ourselves with the different stages of the linoryte process, i.e. rendering the image according to the master or fantasy, transferring the image to the lino, creating it from a lino matrix for printing by means of slices, applying colour to the matrix, reprinting the image by pressing on paper or fabric.


At the first hour we get input information, learn basic information about the history of linoryte, as well as requirements for linoleum chisels and quality, engraving process, monochrome and multi-colour printing. The course will be largely practical, where participants create their own illustrations and graphics. The course will end with a small closing exhibition.

Document: Certificate
Teaching aids: chisel, lino - information on the first class
Date: 30.09.2022 - 09.12.2022
Venue: Praha, FA ČVUT - 403
Price: 500,00 CZK

At the first meeting, all students will be given information about the substances and the lina. The best lino is bought in art supplies, it is best worked with. Chisels can also be purchased in art supplies, just a small set. Lino colours will be purchased for students as part of the course together.

The course takes place on Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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