FA_163 Italy - not only language

Code: FA_163
Name: Italy - not only language
Department: Faculty of Architecture
Duration in hours: 24 lesson hours
Form of study: Full-time
Instruction language: Czech language
Mode of delivery: Lecture and Seminar
Mode of completion: Colloquium
Mode of completion detail: kolokvium
Lecturer: PaedDr. Naděžda Bonaventurová (Nadezda.Bonaventurova@cvut.cz)
Supervisor: PhDr. Kateřina Valentová (katerina.valentova@fa.cvut.cz)
Minimum educational requirement: Nižší střední vzdělání
Other prerequsites: Kurz je určen novým studentům. Vstupní znalosti italského jazyka nejsou požadovány, zájem o dějiny umění a umělecké památky vítán. Rozvrh bude upřesněn.

The course consists of 12 seminars, with virtual sightseeing throughout interesting cultural monuments including the less known. The course will also include the basic vocabulary and conversation essential for tourism.

The course lasts 90 minutes per week. The schedule will be specified before the semester start based on the agreement among the course participants, who will be in advance contacted by the lecturer Paed.Dr. Naděžda Bonaventurová. 


12 seminars in the building of FA CTU

Document: Certificate
Teaching aids: Notepad, pen. Study materials will be specified by the lecturer.
Date: 23.09.2024 - 09.12.2024
Venue: Praha, budova FA ČVUT, Thákurova 9, Praha 6, učebna bude upřesněna
Price: 500,00 CZK

The seminars will take place in the building of FA CTU, Thákurova Street 9, Prague 6, the room will be specified before the course start.

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